Long Term Fundraiser

Brought to you by AllCore Communications

Providing long term financial support to schools,
camps, non-profit organizations and churches
within our community.

How LTF works?

An Organization
Green Piggy bank

AllCore will donate 10% of services purchased by your community to you!

Your Non-Profit Organization, Church, School or Camp becomes part of AllCore’s Long Term Fundraiser Program

Your community, supporter switch to AllCore for their communication needs; internet, phone, backups and more.

AllCore provides a number of services that most of your supporters are already using; internet access, website hosting, phone services, porn-free and virus free security, PC backups, and more.  By choosing to purchase these products and services through AllCore rather than their existing provider(s), your supporters will recieve better service and support, and they may even pay less for their services.  You won’t just be helping your supports, AllCore will donate 10% of the pre-tax payments recievied from your supporters directly to your organization.

We believe the AllCore Long Term Fundraiser is a simple choice.  By your supporters simply choosing to purchase their services from AllCore, their choice will help raise additional financial support for your organization that continues each month for as long as they are a customer of AllCore.

5 Simple steps to get started!

  1. Please visit allcore.ca to view our website. Here you can peruse our extensive list of products and services that AllCore has to offer all of your supporters. This will help you decide if this fundraiser will work well for your organization.
  2. Contact AllCore to set up your organization’s Long Term Fundraiser account.
  3. AllCore will help promote your LTF program by creating a custom webpage / landing page where you can direct your supporters. This webpage can be co-branded by our website design team so you don’t have to do any of the work. All you need to do:
    • Send us a copy of your logo so we can upload it to your custom webpage.
    • Send us your own content for the webpage or tell us which sample Landing page you like and we will upload the content to your custom webpage.
  4. Email all your supporters telling them about your new Long Term Fundraising Program you have developed with AllCore and send them your custom webpage address ie. myltf.ca/yourorganization
  5. Every month on the first of the month, you will receive an e-mailed report detailing the results of your LTF along with any donation funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to purchase anything from AllCore to be part of the program?

No we do not require you to purchase any services from us.  If you do purchase products/services from us, we will also donate 10% of the pre-tax amount of that service back to your organization.

How long will it take before we receive our first cheque from AllCore?

The total balance of your donations need to reach a minimum of $100 before the first cheque is written. Then AllCore cuts LTF cheques once a month on the 5th of every month.  Your first cheque will be mailed approximately the 15th of the month.

Is there a limit to the amount you will donate to our organization?

No, AllCore will donate 10% of the pre-tax funds we receive from your supporters.  There is no limit; the more supporters you have, the more we will be able to donate to your organization.

How are orders tracked?

AllCore has an automated system that tracks every order that you send to us.  Our system is designed to allow a number of methods for your supporters to get their service from us and ensure you get credit for the referral.  Once your supporters visit our website through your custom link that is created they will have a “cookie” on their computer (like many websites do on the internet) and if they come back to our website in the next 365 days you will still get credit for the referral and sale.

If your supporter places a phone order for the service they want, all they have to do is tell us during the order process that they found out about us through the LTF for your organization and our staff will be able to link their order to your organization.

How will we know what is referred?

Part of our automated system includes automated monthly reports.  Each month, on the first day of the month, our system sends your administrative contact an e-mail with details about the number of referrals and orders so you know what you should be getting on your cheque when it arrives.

Does the LTF include Business Products?

Yes, all of the products AllCore sells qualify for the LTF.  If you have businesses that are supporters of your organization, we would be happy to donate 10% pre-tax of whatever they purchase from us to your organization.

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